Automated Trading Solutions

With all the known and effective strategies working for traders all around the world, we have developed a proprietary trading technology. Introducing JoyWin.

Thousands of trading strategies exist at JoyWin. Our algorithmic risk manager standardises them to a known target risk level (between 5% and 10% monthly VaR). This transforms strategies into investable assets that can be compared on an apples-to-apples basis. It is an automated trading solution with deep machine learning and artificial intelligence.


How Does it Work?

Launched in 2020, JoyWin is a new generation of smart automated trading system which personalizes traders’ investment portfolio by selecting strategies in our library of the world largest strategies database.

Personalized Package

  • Each package generated by personal risk appetite and trading method and to suit every trader’s need with a full glance of portfolio distribution

Always Top Strategies

  • A basket of most profitable strategies selected by unique algorithm and kept updating automatically and periodically to maintain portfolio at optimal performance

  • It follows top-notch professional strategist and generates “buy/sell “signals, allowing traders to follow trades in real time

Multi Trading Modes for Selection

Automatic, Semi-automatic and Manual trading modes for selection

  • Allow traders to search for strategies based on popularity

  • Custom filter set for selecting suitable strategies

  • A full glance of different details and performance statistics of each strategy

  • Pre-defined risk control setting, including stop/limit order, position limit and auto pause

Basically, JoyWin will recommend and implement different strategies based on our traders activity based on their personality, risk level and currency.